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How Online Casino VIP Programs Mimic Real Casino Programs

May 29, 2018

There are few things that resonate luxury as much as walking onto the casino floor, being greeted by a personal VIP manager and treated like a King while at the premises. However, nowadays you can get the VIP casino experience without even going to a casino, as online casinos have made sure that the true VIP experience is available for all their players.

The online casino VIP experience is a bit different to that of the live casinos, but in essence they are quite similar. If you are a high stakes player who likes to gamble high and live the good life, you will be awarded very handsomely in every way imaginable.

The online casino VIP programs differ from one another in some ways, but most casinos will assign you with a VIP manager you can discuss any issues with, who will offer you special bonuses to award your loyalty and many casinos will even fly you around the world to special vacations and retreats free of any costs.

If you are used to being treated in a special way and like playing casino games, you can find online casinos with VIP programs at Online Casinos Reports and enjoy the full perks of being a top tier VIP player.

The Perks of Being a VIP

The online casino experience is different than live casino experience in some ways. For instance, playing online, you will need to move the money in and out of your casino account and this means having to wait for transactions to come through and having limits on deposits and cashouts. Being a VIP means that you can lift those limits, get faster payouts and generally be treated better than the next player in line.

Except this, you can expect to get lots of special bonuses, more comp points and more rewards every time you play. Since you are betting so high, the casinos will be happy to award you with a higher percentage of kickback than most players and you can even discuss this with your personal VIP manager.

Being a VIP player is reserved for high rollers and loyal players who spend much of their leisure time playing at the same online casino, so consider the perks of the VIP programs and you will quickly realize why being loyal to one VIP site is better than playing on multiple casino sites.

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