Editorial Team & Influencer Ambassadors

We are very proud to be working closely with the following growing global group of Luxuria Lifestyle international editorial staff and influencer brand ambassadors.

If you are interested in joining our highly professional team please apply here.

Editorial Team: Los Angeles

Noah Dann

Sales Executive
Los Angeles

Noah is a rare Beverly Hills native. A true aficionado to all things luxury and an expert in the fields of branding, and event coordinating. You can often find Noah in a luxury box at a sporting event or at L.A.’s newest hot spots.

Daniel Matthews

Chief Operating Officer
Los Angeles

Daniel is a passionate executive in the luxury branding industry with a background in media, sales, & marketing. Loves living in Santa Monica California and on his time off Daniel enjoys hunting for classic cars and driving luxury vehicles.

Shanti Beaurline

PR Executive
Los Angeles

Shanti brings over a decade experience in digital marketing and PR. She was at the forefront of influencer marketing and founded a PR agency that developed innovative media tactics to connect influencers with brands.

Katerina Braverman

Chief Creative Officer
Los Angeles

Kat, a native New Yorker living in Beverly Hills, CA. Full of creativity, she’s worked on VIP Events & Product Launches. Whenever time allows, you’ll find her at the beach with her boys!


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