VIP Concierge Services Where The Sky Is The Limit

June 27, 2018

Staff Writer: Jeannette Ceja, Luxuria Lifestyle Florida

Crawford Concierge By SitInMySeats sets a new standard in the Luxury Travel, Ticket and Concierge Industry. As CEO and Founder, Lisa Crawford is fully devoted to providing the ultimate experiences for her VIP clients.

The company offers something for everyone whether its Luxury Travel, Wellness Travel, Group Travel, Corporate Travel, Romantic Travel or Sports Travel Packages. Clients experience trips that are 99% custom designed. Lisa knows the travel trends with her clients who expect something unique that is created specifically for them. Long gone are the days of general tours.

“I specially design specific custom travel itineraries that are loaded with all VIP experiences that the general public can’t get,” says Lisa. “People will say they do what I do, but basically they are just going on the internet and finding a tour that is already there then copying and pasting it into an itinerary.”

Always the Entrepreneur, Lisa’s been a business owner in the marketing and direct mail industries. Founded in 2002, Crawford Concierge By SitInMySeats originally started out when Lisa was working for the Miami Dolphins football team. She was paid in game tickets. Lisa found herself having more tickets than she knew what to do with. After asking neighbors if they wanted the extra game tickets, she jokes they no longer wanted to see her. And at the end of every season, Lisa would take the boxes of extra tickets and throw them out.

“My child was young at the time and I thought, what do I do with all of these tickets?” says Lisa.

It was not until her husband recommended she give Ebay a shot. Lisa began to teach herself and figured it out. Once she did that was the end of that.

Inspired by her first client who spent $8,000 on a trip to New York. New client requests became more and more.  As one thing led to another, Lisa’s business quickly expanded from just selling tickets to concerts, sporting events and theatre nationwide to clients around the world.

Lisa’s network began to grow as a result of her extraordinary work ethic. Her clients became very loyal. As a result,  her global connections began to grow as well.

“I am one of those people that I will meet everyone in the country before I leave,” says Lisa. “I will make sure that they know my name and take the best care of my clients. And that’s how it all began. That’s what I still do to this day.”

Lisa is currently expanding her business abroad and into different sectors including honeymoons, millennial travel and river cruising.

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