The Sales Magic Behind Aria On The Bay

February 16, 2017

Staff Writer: Jeannette Ceja, Luxuria Lifestyle Florida

An exclusive conversation with John Reza Parsiani, Senior Sales Executive to one of Miami’s most awaited waterfront properties Aria On The Bay. As one of the hottest selling projects in Miami with 75% of the spaces already sold. Tenants can expect to officially move into Aria On The Bay during first quarter of 2018. Luxuria Lifestyle Florida sat down with Mr. Parsiani to discover what makes this property so special.

LLF: First, who is John Reza Parsiani?

JP: How far do you want to go back? I am originally Persian, grew up in Sweden and moved to Miami about twenty years ago. I have been a Real Estate Broker for the past fourteen years in the market. I am currently the Vice President of Business Development Online for Cervera Real Estate, one of the largest developer representatives in the State of Florida with over five billion dollars worth of exclusive pre-construction listings.

LLF: What do you love most about your job?

JP: I love to talk about, educate, inform and discuss what I believe in which is my home: the city of Miami. And having a small hand in helping this city grow in what it can and will be at its greatest potential. Opening the eyes of those who may not know how amazing the city of Miami is and it’s becoming. I only talk about what I believe in and that’s why I talk about Miami. Again, because as a city I see Miami as extremely undervalued. When it comes to prices there are amazing opportunities here. We are ranked in the top five cities for start up businesses. We are the number two Financial Center in the United States, second only to New York. We have the most concentration of international banks here. Miami is a city with a lot of opportunities, extremely well located to South America and Europe.

LLF: Tell us more about Aria On The Bay?

JP: I am the Senior Sales Executive with Aria On The Bay. It is a Luxury High Rise that is coming up in the Art & Entertainment District in the heart of Miami.  The last waterfront lot in the Art & Entertainment District so it sits in front of a park on the water. It’s going to be the latest, newest and most luxurious building in the neighborhood. This is very exciting for us, considering the neighborhood is one of the fastest growing communities in the state of Florida. Because of the fact that there is approximately 10 Billion dollars worth of development coming within a one-mile radius from where Aria On The Bay is. Just within the next four years. Then obviously, much more to follow after that.

LLF: What is your role with the company?

JP: When I started in Development Sales, Aria On The Bay is the one that I chose. The one I believe in more than any other project in Miami because of the fact of the location is very unique and the price points are amazing. We currently have the lowest average price per square foot for a luxury development on the water in Miami. And as far as the views are spectacular overlooking the Miami Bay, South Beach and Venetian Islands. The view is exactly what it’s going to be moving forward so there is no new buildings, no new constructions, no surprises, so what you see today is what you will get moving forward.

LLF: What makes Aria On The Bay different than other buildings? What amenities does it have?

JP: The building has it all: best location, views, price and amenities. Aria On The Bay has over 20,000 square feet of amenities. Everything from a full Spa on the fourteenth floor, three pools, a state of the art gym, Sauna, Steam Room, Yoga, Pilates, children’s room, concierge, 24/7 security and valet. Pretty amazing to have all of the amenities you could ever want inside a building. Then downstairs there is Margaret Pace Park, which has any sport activity you can imagine. Everything from tennis courts, beach volleyball, basketball courts, football field, running track, Dog Park, children’s playground, yoga and an outdoor gym. All of that is downstairs and all of it for free.

LLF: Tell us about the location of Aria On The Bay?

JP: When it comes to all the best Miami has to offer, Aria On The Bay is close enough for convenince but far enough for privacy. It’s unique because you are living in a quiet waterfront community in Downtown Miami, but walking distance behind you is all of the Adrienne Arsht Center, The Opera and the Ballet Theatre. Where you can walk to Broadway shows. You can visit the Miami Art Museum, Miami Science Museum, The American Airlines Arena and the SkyRise Tower that is expected soon. Aria On The Bay is walking distance from the Venetian Causeway that I think is one of the most beautiful bridges in Miami. We are five minutes from the beach, five minutes from the Design District and five minutes from Downtown Brickell.

LLF: Who are the majority of Aria On The Bay’s clientele?

JP: Good question. I would say every one because we did a survey on this. This is the most local, national and international building we have. Aria On The Bay has buyers everywhere from the building next door, South Beach, Brickell to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and over forty different countries as well. I travel frequently to educate different markets about the Miami market and the opportunities that exist here. Last year I was in Turkey, Peru, Chile, Hawaii and most of those markets are more expensive than Miami to buy Real Estate. That just blows me away when I travel around and look at different markets. I truly see and appreciate the value that exists in the Miami market. We are still cheaper than most comparable cities around the world.

LLF: Why should some one choose to live in Aria On The Bay?

JP: The walkability factor here is a huge benefit as Miami grows and traffic has become a headache in most places. You can walk to the grocery stores, banks, cafe’s, The Opera and The American Airline Arena. All the public transportation is also walking distance. All of those factors I think play a big role in making Aria On The Bay very unique. We have the best prices, the best views I would say of all of Miami, the best location and the best amenities. As you know in Real Estate, you usually have to compromise. On this property, you can actually get it all.

LLF: What is your definition of Luxury?

JP: Comfort, Convenience and Class. Not necessarily just based on price point. That’s my personal opinion on Luxury.

LLF: Lastly, why Miami?

JP: The fact that we have on average 74-degree weather all year round. I always love to joke about the fact that we have only two seasons in Miami: “this summer and last summer”. The fact that the city is growing rapidly. Miami has some of the best restaurants already here and more coming down the line. We have a Chinatown that is going to begin developing. We have the Port of Miami that just expanded as the Panama Canal expanded making us the number one port of entry in the state of Florida and among the top ten ports in the United States in the near future. Businesses are flocking to Miami from all over- China, Los Angeles and New York. The fact that we do not have State Tax here makes it a very attractive place to live and do business. That is a ten percent tax savings compared to New York and Los Angeles. The fact that you can have a luxury lifestyle at a reasonable price. You can play sports all year long. You are not limited to the weather taking any activity out like you would in Sweden where I grew up. Forget about playing tennis or golf there for half of the year. Everyone from around the world not only wants to visit Miami but they want to live here because of those factors as well. You have Art Basel that comes here every year the first week of December. One of the best-known art exhibits in the world which happens to be less than five minutes from Aria On The Bay. We have an amazing lifestyle of arts, music, entertainment, sports, weather and extremely reasonable prices. Miami is the gateway to South America, Europe and beyond.

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