The Man Who Is Changing The Luxury, Travel And Social Media Industries One Follower At A Time

January 17, 2017

Staff Writer: Jeannette Ceja, Luxuria Lifestyle Florida

Meet Scott Eddy. A well-known face on social media, with one million followers on Twitter alone. If you have not heard of him yet, you soon will. Scott has quickly made a name for himself in the Travel, Tourism, Luxury and Social Media industries.  He has received numerous accolades including a notable spot as a “Top 10 Luxury Travel Influencer” by Klout. More than just an “Influencer,” Scott is a successful Entrepreneur, Consultant, Public Speaker and a Digital Content Creator.

People constantly congratulate him that “he’s made it,” but Scott confesses he is never satisfied with his personal brand. Always believing he can “get bigger, better and more solidified every day.” He’s also the first to admit he does not know exactly what that means. “There’s not a handbook for our industry, it changes overnight,” says Scott. “I am definitely not the normal one in this industry- so for me it was like alright, I am just going to roll the dice like I always do.”

But one thing for sure, Scott wants his audience to grow every day. And if you contact him via social media, expect a personal response. Additionally, he advocates what a goldmine social media, specifically Twitter can be for work. “100% of my business finds me on Twitter,” says Scott. “I have never pitched to anybody for business.”

His outgoing personality and an unstoppable determination are both major components to his overall success. Scott shared that he has a really intense case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder. Where he either does something 1000% or he does not do it at all.

“And if I do it 1000%, I want to be number one or I don’t want to do it at all,” says Scott. “Why play the game if your not keeping score.”

Ultimately, Scott revealed what’s most important to him. “For me, my whole life is about relationships. It’s not about travel, being an entrepreneur or anything- it’s all about relationships,” he says. “If I can develop a new relationship every day with somebody of quality, somebody who brings value to my life and I can bring value to their life more importantly then I feel like I had a successful day.”

Born in Michigan, he grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The son of a police officer, Scott originally had a completely different life planned out for himself. “It was to finish high school, join the police academy, become a cop, get married, two kids, the white picket fence, retire and die,” says Scott. “Literally, my life plan was so in concrete that it was not going to deter at all.”

It was not until his father’s tragic passing in a police plane crash– three weeks before his high school graduation — when his entire life changed. “I had absolutely no clue what I wanted to do,” says Scott. “I graduated and I was really confused.” A chance invitation by a friend to attend a Stockbroker seminar later altered the direction of his career.

The only professional training he had prior to the orientation was watching his father develop relationships in the line of duty. “As a police officer, your relationships are the bread and butter of how good you are ever going to be,” says Scott. “Especially if you are working in the streets.”

Convinced to attend the orientation. Scott’s friend said, “Look, the two top guys just left, they’re going to Fort Lauderdale, they’re going to have a huge orientation.” He mentioned they were going to accept people, sponsor and train them. Scott passed the test, and the rest, as they say is history.

For the next decade, he worked as a successful Stockbroker in New York City. Only to resign when the brokerage firm was sold. Through out his career, he expanded his profession into various roles including the owner a Digital Agency and becoming a Brand Ambassador.

A friend who lived in Thailand persuaded Scott to pay him a visit. What was supposed to be just a two-week holiday later turned into a combined total of eleven years living in Thailand. “This place (Thailand) is heaven. If you can imagine the nicest people you have ever met in your whole life, now imagine them being one hundred times nicer than they already are,” says Scott. “That’s how everyone in that country is.”

Scott’s lived practically everywhere, including Spain, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Portugal and London. The total seventeen years he worked abroad setting up companies, dealing with locals and living in developing countries helped equip him with first hand knowledge necessary in the travel and tourism industries. Scott wanted to make his presence felt in the Travel and Tourism Industry as a household name. However, his transition to the Travel Industry did not happen overnight.

In 2015,  as he began establishing his personal brand in the industry, Scott completed 29 trips and an estimated 100,000 miles while working with numerous travel brands and tourism boards around the world. He admits he made nothing that year, whereas other people would have paid for that. After meeting with numerous travel writers and travel bloggers, he noticed a trend in the business model. Scott recognized the travel industry has the greatest, well rounded, cultural mindset people in the business but hardly anyone makes money.

“I don’t understand this is like a trend everyone I am meeting is broke. Not that I am so superficial but I want to be successful and be number one, says Scott. “I couldn’t get my head around it. Nobody builds up an audience first and then starts writing. Nobody.” As he acknowledged the travel business model and industry insiders did not change, he decided to go an alternate route.

Over the course of the previous year, Scott became one of the most successful personal brands in the Travel, Luxury and Social Media industries. In 2016, Scott completed a total  of 26 trips that covered a span of 147,000 miles and got paid for all except two trips.

The rise of social media only getting stronger as more and more people are gravitating towards the internet. That’s why I am social heavy,” says Scott. “Social is not going anywhere.” A platform where Scott could interact 24 hours a day on a global level became like heaven for him.

Scott encourages companies to go on social media. “It doesn’t matter luxury or not, money or no money why would not spend as much time as you can,?” says Scott. “Because you can have a face-to-face action with the people you want to become your customers.”

Luxury- in his opinion, anybody can find a budget or a rich investor to throw a lot of money at a brand to say “oh its luxury.” Scott points out what makes a brand luxury is all about the user experience. “How does the user portray you,” says Scott. “Because that really portrays are you luxury or not.”

Just like any other industry, Scott recognizes the Luxury part of social media is also exploding. He concentrates on luxury versus others because he knows this business. “The industry has changed a lot drastically over the past 15-20 years,” says Scott. “Back in the day it was about how many stars do you have. That was the epitome for my whole life growing up.”

Now, social media continues to change every industry including luxury. In an age where everything is going mobile. Scott foresees the disposable income spent on mobiles these days is astronomical and only getting bigger.

“So luxury has a huge, huge, huge window of opportunity– not a small window but a massive window and there’s room for a lot of players,” says Scott. “And if you are a luxury brand, you are fooling yourself if your are not getting in now a very big way.”

A case in point, he sees video for luxury as very big. “You can tell a really good story in a one or two-minute video,” says Scott. “That’s a very important part of the luxury world.”

What’s the future got in store for Scott? The sky’s the limit for him. And we are excited to watch him soar.

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