Take Your Photography To New Heights

April 15, 2018

Show some serious commitment to your selfies by buying a drone that allows you to take photos of you and your friends without the bizarre extended arm or dislocated-looking shoulder that ruins the best of our normal selfies. Even selfie sticks can only go so far and someone always has that ‘I’m holding my phone on the end of a stick, hurry up and smile you guys’ look on their face. Drones are the way forward to get selfies that allow you total freedom over your body movements and the ability to get as many people as you like into the frame.

Controlled by your smartphone, you can fly the drone approximately 30 metres indoors or 40 metres outdoors and it’s got an internal gyro stabilisation system so that your photos have the best chance of coming out nice and clear. Its in-built camera is capable of taking a photo burst so that you can pick the best one afterwards to share it easily and rack up those ‘likes’. Each flight can last up to 5 minutes and it then recharges easily with the included USB charger (so no need for batteries).

Don’t worry if you haven’t got your pilot’s license yet as this little drone is built to be durable and also comes with some replacement blades in case you introduce it too closely to a wall or a tree. The propellers also fold away between uses which not only protects them but also makes it more compact and easier to transport on any occasion that you might want to record from the air. An included manual helps you to get started but the ‘headless’ function on the drone (no, this does not refer to the selfies you produce!) makes it easier to fly anyway and there’s also a drone code with all the information you hopefully already know if you’re sensible, like not flying it near an airport and not licking the blades when they’re in action.

Get the best selfies of your life from a bird’s eye view, or buy this incredibly cool little gadget for a young person (age 14 or over) whose selfie game is ready to take off.

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