April 17, 2016

RxGenesys blends high-end stem cell tech with smart distribution and devoted customers to bring celebrity beauty secrets to real women — on a budget. Less than three minutes and $1.50 a day visibly improve the skin’s appearance.

(July 15, 2015, MIAMI, FL) – When Sports Illustrated goddess Paulina Porizkova burst onto the international modeling scene in the early 1980s, she did what a lot of young women do – took her beauty for granted.

As a supermodel with a busy lifestyle, Porizkova has always taken good care of her skin. But as she aged, she began to hunt for the best products to keep her looking gorgeous forever. The search brought her to RxGenesys, a stem cell skin care line developed by a plastic surgeon that is now being offered to the general public for the first time.

“In my career, I’ve had access to hundreds of products,” Porizkova said. “I’ve tried just about everything. I consider myself an expert, at least when it comes to what works for my beauty regimen. I’ve never tried anything that works this well and this fast.”

Enter Kirsty Barany, a marketing executive and entrepreneur who has launched several successful companies in Venezuela and the United States. But just like Porizkova (and every other woman in the world), she was always looking for a better skin care solution to keep her face young, as the first signs of aging started to appear.

Barany had the good fortune to fall in love with a plastic surgeon, one who was constantly researching the latest skin care technologies for his patients. RxGenesys is the result of his anti-aging knowledge and her innate sense of what real women want.

“I’m a doctor, not a marketer,” said Dr. Jeffrey Gibson. “I know how to help my patients achieve the radiant skin they want, but it took my wife to make me realize the potential to reach many more women who can’t come to my office. RxGenesys is the perfect marriage of science and an understanding of what real women need.”

Dr. Gibson is a prominent Miami plastic surgeon often consulted for his expertise in cellular regeneration and skin rejuvenation. Gibson developed the RxGenesys Skin Care System and the RxGen Complex – at the core of each RxGenesys product – after years of extensive research and development.

Dr. Gibson’s idea was to create a complete and easy-to-use skin care system, formulated using the latest technology and time-tested ingredients to help his patients achieve the more youthful, healthy-looking skin they craved. After testing it herself, Barany realized that he had something that real women around the world would benefit from, and she put her skin care wish list into motion, asking her husband to create affordable, high-quality products that were practical, fast and easy to use at home everyday. The result is a system made for today’s woman; $1.50 and less than three minutes a day can visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while making the skin radiant and beautiful.

“It has been a real dream to work with my husband to create something I could never find on store shelves,” Barany said. “I actually went out and bought comparable products and spent more than $400. That’s not affordable to most real women, and I still wasn’t getting the results I expected.”

Gibson and Barany put together a team of biotech scientists; the most advanced skin care technologies and time-tested skin care ingredients to create the RxGenesys System. They then tested the results in a double-blind clinical study performed at the prestigious Princeton Consumer Research. The results are nothing short of extraordinary – 100% noticed both, a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, and a visible improvement in the level of moisture of their skin*.

The system includes:

RxCleanser: powerful enough to remove mascara every time but delicate enough to soothe the skin without leaving it dry.
RxMoisturizer: moisturizes without being greasy (so you don’t have to retouch makeup every couple of hours).
RxIlluminator: Promotes a younger looking complexion, so your face looks flawless – with or without makeup.
RxVital: a double dose of the unique RxGen Complex to boost nightly skin revitalisation.

“I’ve tried just about every lotion and potion out there hoping to find the best one,” Barany said. “I was frustrated with spending so much money on products that don’t do what they say that I wanted to make sure that would never happen to RxGenesys clients. If you don’t like it, you don’t pay for it. Period”. That’s why RxGenesys offers a no-questions-asked 60-day money back guarantee.

At 50, Paulina Porizkova is still one of the most beautiful and youthful looking people in the world. She still regularly appears in popular media, under headlines that read “50 is the new 30”, #fiftynomakeup, or “Looks half her age!” There’s no doubt in her mind that the credit is due to taking excellent care of her skin every day. Porizkova was so thrilled when she found RxGenesys, she decided to get involved in bringing the skin care system to millions of women around the world. She will be featured in national RxGenesys television commercials launching in late 2015.

“I’ve never seen the kind of results I’ve achieved in just a few weeks with RxGenesys,” she said. “This is the revolutionary breakthrough product women have been waiting for.”

About RxGenesys

RxGenesys is a company founded by plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Gibson and his wife, marketing guru Kirsty Barany. The company developed and tested a patented skin care line using some of the most advanced skin care technologies in the world, including the exclusive RxGen Stem CellTechnology, Biomimetic Peptides, and a unique Knotgrass extract, as well as time-tested skin care ingredients like vitamins B5, C, and E, hyaluronic Acid and Green tea Extract. The mission of RxGenesys is to make radiant, younger-looking skin affordable to women around the world.

Dr. Jeffery Gibson, MD.

Dr. Gibson is a world recognized Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon based in Miami Florida in North America, who has over twenty years of training in the Biological Sciences. He has done ground-breaking research in how skin heals after injury which was the spring board for him to developing these amazing youth-genesis products.
Dr. Gibson started his training at Virginia Common Wealth University where he studied Biology and Human Tissue Sciences, gaining him a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. He then proceeded, at the renowned Medical School of the University of Miami where he focused on Anatomy of soft tissues and Surgical Sciences.

During Medical School he did cutting edge studies with the Trauma Surgery service, winning him awards for his research, using the new technology of Laparoscopy to reduce injury to skin. With plans to become a University Professor Dr. Gibson began a extended ten years of residency. He First completed a General Surgery Training at the prestigious University of California Davis, and then Wound Healing Research at the top program in the world on tissue re-genesis, the University of California San Francisco. This lead him to present his new proven pathways of skins healing abilities in Central and North America, Australia, Europe and Greece. Dr. Gibson then continued training in Micro and upper limb surgery at Oregon Health Science University. The Plastic and Reconstructive training came at Temple University in Philadelphia Pennsylvania where he tailored his studies to mastering Surgery and skin care.

Dr. Gibson now has a very successful surgery and Spa skin care practice at the international location in South Florida. Dr. Gibson has hundreds of presentations and articles to his credit and continues to stay on the frontier of new breakthroughs of the biological and skin care sciences.

With this aim of continuing to develop new innovative treatments to keep the skin young he has produced a line of skin care products of the likes never seen before. Using collaborations with Stem cell protein technology, proven anti-oxidants and newly discovered vitamin-C topical Peptides. These products can stimulate the skin to make new collagen creating younger skin with less wrinkles, youthful appearance and resilient skin color and tone.

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