Luxury in The Heart of Kiev

June 26, 2018

11 Mirrors Design Hotel is an independent hotel with a strong sense of style and art. Ideally located in the very heart of old and dynamic Kyiv, on Bohdana Khmelnytskogo Street, the hotel is just a few meters from the National Opera House as well as from major business and leisure areas. A 30-minute taxi ride took us from Kiev Boryspil airport to central Kiev, where this boutique hotel is located. The view from the hotel is breathtaking – the gold and blue domes of St Volodymyr’s Cathedral looming above the rooftops in front of you.

From the moment the door swung open, the service was fantastic with the doorman (in a pretty purple hat) offering us drinks in the lobby. The restaurant staff guided us through the breakfast buffet on our first morning and remained attentive and extremely helpful throughout.

Our room just like the other 49 rooms at the 11 Mirrors Design Hotel had a swish bachelor pad feel to them, with lots of shiny black surfaces and shelves above the minibar with wine and spirits. A pretty silver frame contained a TV, mounted discretely within the wall. The lighting system in our room was amazingly elaborate and it felt like we were in a concert! The rooms had free WiFi and wired internet access along with a 24-hour room service. The bathroom was beautiful with a array of cosmetics provided by the hotel.

During our time spent at the hotel, we visited the small mezzanine restaurant which served a good breakfast buffet with familiar fare (eggs, bacon, Spanish sausages) alongside local favourites like serniki (mini cheesecakes). Pastries were extremely fresh and tasty. For the calorie-conscious, there was lots of fresh fruit, cereal and yogurt. The lunch and dinner menu included Italian staples such as ravioli and gnocchi, as well as local dishes: borscht (a warming beetroot soup), quail Kiev (the classic breaded parcel with garlic butter inside) and varenyky (meat dumplings). For a dry local wine, we definitely recommend the Ukrainian chardonnay.

One deserves all the best things in life. With this in mind, the hotel seems to have created a unique destination for business leaders, independent and creative people who understand the value of their emotional experiences. As a visitor of the 11 Mirrors Design Hotel, we felt that it is a boutique hotel with an artistic touch and urban vibe, which reflects their guests’ lifestyle!

A: 34A, B.Khmelnytskogo St., Kyiv, 01030 Ukraine
T: +38 044 581 11 11 / +38 050 581 11 11
F: +38 044 581 11 00
E: Bookings

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