Luxury holiday destinations to fill your bucket list

August 22, 2016

For a lot of people, their summer holiday is the highlight of their year and is the thing that keeps them going during those tough winter months.

But if you’ve just had a nice little casino or lottery win or just simply fancy like really treating yourself, then why not visit some of the world’s most luxury holiday destinations?


Dubai is famed for its luxury resorts, fanciful casinos, high-end shopping and Michelin dining.

The UAE capital also features some of the world’s most futuristic looking architecture and is home to the tallest building on earth; the Burj Khalifa. At 124 floors high the sky scraper offers by far the best view of the world’s newest luxe city.

Away from the upscale hotels is a string of luscious sandy beaches which meet the warm yet slightly choppy waters of the Persian Gulf. And away from the gorgeous beaches are a number of enormous shopping malls home to endless designer brands.

But the designer prices aren’t even the most jaw dropping characteristic of some malls, the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates house ice rinks, cinemas and even aquariums. If that isn’t enough, the Dubai Mall boasts a fascinating water feature, reminiscent of Vegas’ great fountains of Bellagio, which shoots water jets up to 150 metres high.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one location that you won’t be able to help falling in love with. Famous for its bustling night scene and glamourous casinos, the Nevada city is a gambler’s paradise. Caesers Palace, the Golden Nugget and Bellagio are just a few of the casino resorts that are nothing short of remarkable.

So world famous is the Casino scene in Vegas, that the American City has inspired sites like the Royal Vegas Casino, films like Oceans 11 and music by the Legendary Elvis Presley.

Much like the malls of Dubai, it’s the additional features that make the casinos what they are. The Bellagio boasts a conservatory and botanical gardens which features a plethora of the attractively vibrant plants, flowers and trees you’ve ever seen.

Further to the sultry garden landscapes, the Bellagio offers the strip one of the world’s most iconic water features, the foundation blasts – perhaps a verb not delicate enough – water into the air, but it’s no ordinary fountain, the jets are choreographed so the streams of water which dance in sync with music and lights.

Vegas even has its very indoor theme park which is home to the largest indoor double-loop rollercoaster in the world. For a taste of Europe, you can visit the Eiffel Tower replica which offers an awe-inspiring panoramic view of the strip including the 45-foot bronze lion statue and the towering glass pyramid.

Don’t miss Red Rock Canyon either, the desert landscape is truly a sight to behold and a lot more than just red rock formations. Once at the canyon you can see it for all its beauty, each sandstone peak in its own right and each waterfall as beautiful as the last.


Beijing is a city rich with history and certainly one for the bucket list. As well as the usual high-end shopping experiences and fine dining (there a host of restaurants which offer mouth-watering authentic Chinese dishes), it offers a wealth of unique Chinese history. Not least the Great Wall of China, the wall measures over 20,000 KM and can be seen from space.

Visiting the wall is without a doubt a once in a lifetime experience and you will certainly remember your meeting with the Great Wall for the rest of your life.

The Wall isn’t the only magnificent architecture China has to offer, Beijing is home to a number of grand palaces and prestigiously elaborate temples. Beijing’s Temple of Heaven is one of the most famous in China and unsurprisingly showcases wonderfully impressive architecture and its very own park. For a real taste of traditional Chinese culture visitors of the temple can practice the ancient art of Tai Chi.

If you’re hungry for more Chinese culture, why not visit one of Beijing’s several Hutongs, the upmarket spots feature the famed breath-taking Chinese lanterns, stunning silk curtains and mesmerizing city views, all of which can be enjoyed as you dine on dim sum.


Monaco sits on the French Rivera and is one location that can certainly define luxury. The microstate is famed for rich and famous inhabitants who line he harbour with their ornate yachts.

The harbour is one must-see sight when visiting the microstate, Port Hercules is the place for billionaires to dock and offers a perfect viewing spot for the prestigious F1 Grand Prix. Rub shoulders with those billionaires at many of the upscale hotels Monaco has to offer.

The Casino Square is also famously visited by many of the rich and boasts a casino, theatre and the office of Less Ballets. The casino is used on many big films including several James Bond titles as well as Disney’s Cars 2. The Square is beautifully illuminated at night and is one of those essential holiday snaps.

Away from the swanky hotels and casinos are many must visit attractions. The Prince’s Palace is, unsurprisingly, the official residence of the Prince of Monaco and an audio tape of Prince Albert’s narratives can guide you through the former Genoese fortress. The Palace boasts many stained glass windows and some very alluring Venetian chandeliers.

The Oceanographic Museum offers something a little different to the usual sites of Monaco and is one for fans of marine biology. The Museum has over 100 pools which range from 100 to 450,00 litres and house several thousand species of fish specimens, over 200 species of invertebrates and roughly one hundred species of corals. There is even a shark lagoon for you to become acquainted with the utmost fierce kings of the ocean.

For one last dab of luxury before you head home, unwind on Larvotto Beach, feel your bare feet on the faultlessly soft pebbles as you soak up the sun and take in the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.

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