Garde Robe: Couture Wardrobe Manager & Protector

January 20, 2014

An upscale wardrobe storage company providing cyber closets and “butler-style” services for space-challenged fashion devotees, multiple homeowners, jetsetters and fashion designers

Imagine having endless closet space and a personal wardrobe valet at your service. Founded in New York in 2001 with locations in California, Florida and Las Vegas, Garde Robe is the world’s first luxury wardrobe storage, valet and Cyber Closet service.  Designed for fashion devotees with impeccable wardrobes, city residents with inadequate closet space, business travelers, globetrotters, multiple home owners, and fashion designers. Garde Robe provides a host of elegant and convenient wardrobe management services, including “museum-quality” luxury storage for clothing, shoes and accessories, professional wardrobe photography, online Cyber Closet applications, complimentary pick up and ready-to-wear delivery, luggage-packing and shipping services, closet organizing, and many thoughtful garment care and valet services. Garde Robe members enjoy 24/7 visual access to their wardrobe via the Cyber Closet, uncluttered closets year-round, worldwide access to all items in Garde Robe’s care, the convenience of traveling without having to pack or carry a suitcase, and peace of mind knowing their precious wardrobe is being handled and cared for by experts.

Necessity being the mother of invention, Garde Robe pioneered the Cyber Closet concept to fill a dire need for “white-glove” clothing storage and management services. “There is no shortage of high-end storage companies for one’s art, wine or jewelry collections,” says Adam Gilvar, president of Garde Robe. “However, Garde Robe remains the world’s first and only company dedicated exclusively to protecting and organizing one’s clothing, evening wear, footwear and accessories collections. And truth be told, Garde Robe is much more than simply a storage facility. Essentially, a Garde Robe membership is akin to employing a tech-savvy valet or butler to care for your wardrobe,” Gilvar adds.


The Cyber Closet concept was conceived in 2001 by Garde Robe as a convenient solution for closet-space constrained New Yorkers with voluminous wardrobe collections. Unlike standard storage companies Garde Robe’s sole function is caring for its members’ clothing, shoes, furs and accessories, and members never have to go out of their way transporting items to and from a storage facility. To initiate the service, Garde Robe sends a wardrobe consultant, free of charge, to its members’ homes to help sort through the closets and provide guidance on which wardrobe items should be placed in Garde Robe’s care. Garde Robe carefully inspects each incoming item and arranges professional garment care services, if necessary.

Prior to preparing items for storage in the company’s climate-controlled loft, all garments and footwear are professionally photographed and cataloged, and a Garde Robe Cyber Closet is created. Each item in the Cyber Closet is accompanied by a photo and detailed description including the designer, size, color, fabric, season, and customized categories based on the member’s specific needs. Much like shopping your own closet, Garde Robe members simply access the Garde Robe iPad app or log in to their secure Cyber Closet on to select individual items or their entire wardrobe for delivery or shipping. Upon request, Garde Robe prepares the member’s desired garments for delivery in ready-to-wear condition.


Garde Robe’s Endless Closet Space service is used by fashion devotees with extensive seasonal wardrobes and/or priceless evening wear, footwear and accessories collections. Garde Robe’s seasonal service allows members to switch their closets between Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer wardrobes without lifting a finger, freeing up much-needed closet space year-round. At the start of each new season or upon request, Garde Robe delivers a member’s desired garments and performs a “seasonal wardrobe switch.” Additionally, Garde Robe provides “museum-quality” conservation of one-of-a-kind and/or delicate items such as evening wear, vintage and couture pieces that are worn only on special occasions or being “saved” for family members to wear in the future. Rather than pulling a wrinkled gown or tuxedo from the back of their closet, Garde Robe members can have their party attire delivered ready-to-wear the night of the big dance.

Garde Robe also offers a one-of-a-kind Luggage-Free Valet service for business travelers, globetrotters and multiple homeowners who need to access their belongings from various locations. Members keep their clothing, toiletries, sports equipment and personal items in Garde Robe’s care and simply let the company know which items they need, where and when. Garde Robe arranges delivery of desired items prior to the member’s arrival, eliminating the hassle of packing, unpacking wrinkled clothing, waiting in overcrowded baggage claim and Customs lines, and taking worn items to the dry cleaner. As Garde Robe members bypass baggage claim, their wardrobe is being delivered to a hotel room or residence in ready-to-wear condition. Garde Robe packs and ships worldwide, so members can access their belongings anytime, anywhere. At the end of the trip, items are retrieved by a Garde Robe representative or shipped back to the loft for inspection and any necessary cleaning.

“Our members can receive their ski gear and wardrobe in Aspen this winter, and in Switzerland next winter,” Gilvar adds. “Or, a business traveler can save valuable time and get more work done. Why spend the last day of your trip packing when Garde Robe can do it all for you?”


Entrusted with priceless collections from iconic fashion brands and a partner of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), Garde Robe also provides archiving, organizing and conservation services for fashion designers and industry professionals who require the level of care, confidentiality, and accessibility Garde Robe provides. For designers, the Cyber Closet acts as a digital look book accessible via the Internet for inspirational and tracking purposes. Upon request, Garde Robe delivers individual pieces or an entire season or line to the designer’s atelier, a photo shoot location, a potential buyer or member of the media.


The word Garderobe is derived from Old French; roughly translating to “protect the clothes.” Items in Garde Robe’s care are kept in newly renovated loft spaces featuring top-of-the-line climate control, air purification, and an ideal storage environment for long-term preservation of textiles. Stored items are cautiously inspected and cared for appropriately – all garments are wrapped in acid-free tissue and either hung in imported garment bags or placed in breathable archival boxes. Garde Robe butlers use solely “museum-quality” archival storage supplies. The lofts feature state-of-the-art security, and all items in Garde Robe’s care are insured.


Garde Robe’s Cyber Closet is also used by businesses and individuals who do not require garment storage. In this case, the Cyber Closet serves as a dynamic tool for fashion styling, organizational and/or insurance purposes. Depending on the circumstances, the Cyber Closet can be customized to reflect the contents of a closet in a vacation home or a fashion designer’s entire line for a particular season.

In addition to its core wardrobe management and cataloging services, Garde Robe rounds out its service by providing a variety of thoughtful services including in-home seamstress services for fittings and alterations, consignment, charitable donations, professional closet organizing, fashion styling, and a full complement of garment care services.


Garde Robe’s Cyber Closet storage rates start at $350 per month and include the wardrobe consultation, set up of the Cyber Closet and iPad app, insurance, and complimentary pick up and delivery in most cases. Garde Robe arranges professional dry cleaning and repairs on the member’s behalf at-cost.

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